RNA 1: What's In A Roll - Intro

We're kicking off our much anticipated instructional series with what I consider one of the two fundamental components of squareneck reso.  Scales and Rolls are the blocking and tackling of this instrument and in this lesson we're examining rolls, particularly ones primarily involving open strings. 

Whats a roll?



roll - verb:

  1. to move as in a cycle.
  2. to drive, impel, or cause to flow onward with a sweeping or undulating motion.
  3. to go forward or advance without restrictions or impediments.
  4. a sonorous or rhythmical flow.


A roll is an effectively timed sequence of notes, usually cyclical, that support or contribute to a given piece of music.

Besides facilitating crucial musical contributions in terms of rhythmic support, dynamic enhancement and break filler, developing a solid roll relies on sound muscle memory, appropriate timing and a good sense of tone.  All three areas, which take a good bit of time to master, are counter dependent of the others.  This RNA segment aims to address all three with critical analysis, provide examples that clarify the key elements within each, and demonstrate exercises for developmental growth in each.


In Part One our instructor is Ivan Rosenberg. Enjoy.






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