Willie and the Specters - Herido do Sombras

4:11 minutes (3.83 MB)

From the same project as Ghost of a Chance - great players (Kari Larson, Kyle Tennis, James Buckley, Lee Blaske, Marc Anderson, Bobby Ekstrand, JT Bates)

I need to develop better intonation, freer phrasing, and vibrato, but each recording is a snapshot of where you are on the journey at that moment



Ghost of a Chance

3:47 minutes (3.46 MB)

I recorded this a while back with Lee Blaske on piano in Minneapolis

Ke Kali Ne Au

4:07 minutes (5.65 MB)

Butchered this one from memory, my parents used to do this for weddings and shows. Played on a 1935 Oahu acoustic I got from Tom Warner a couple years ago.....sadly only the 2nd time I have had time to pull it out. D tuning.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World for solo Dobro/Weissenborn

2:43 minutes (2.49 MB)

Here's another tune from my upcoming book of solo acoustic arrangements for Weissenborn or Dobro ... the Tears For Fears classic, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World. 

I can play it but haven't worked it up to performance quality yet so this is MIDI output of the music in D6th tuning (same as open D with the 2nd string raised to B: D B F# D A D (hi to low). This tune has a bit more guitar-like flavor than most of my steel arrangements because you hold bar positions in place while the right hand plays triplet figures - it's almost like a jig in that respect. All the songs in the book are in standard notation and tablature.

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Flatland Drive Bluegrass Band "Those Two Blue Eyes"

4:30 minutes (4.12 MB)

From our latest CD, recorded at Patuxtent Studios in Rockville, MD.  The breakdown on the resonator, Appalachian Koa L body,Beard Legend Cone, Schoonover Modular Spider with maple/ebonex,EJ42 strings into a Neumann U87 and KM184.

I Heard the Bells

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3:00 minutes (3.44 MB)

This is my favorite carol. I recorded this a few years ago for a compilation Christmas album. I sing the song and play the guitar and overdubbed the dobro in the background. The extended outro is all dobro instead of reprising the vocal. It's a haunting song and the dobro accentuates the feel, IMHO. I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas! :) 

Lindamon#16 demo

3:54 minutes (5.35 MB)

This is a demo of Lindamon #16, "Big Red" a quilted sapele guitar. Thanks for listening!

Table for two by Rene Meave

3:24 minutes (3.9 MB)

Just got the CD Sunday I recorded on in May for Rene Meave.

Harlow Jumbo Cherry



Lindamon#14 demo 2

2:17 minutes (4.19 MB)

Another demo of Lindamon #14, this one in standard tuning. I thought the low E made the guitar a little more heavy on the low end than it is in real life. I have to say the highs don't sound as good on the recording as they do live, I'm not sure why that is. The guitar really has a piano like feel!

Evening Prayer Blues

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3:41 minutes (5.06 MB)

A demo of my newest guitar, Lindamon #14 Brazilian rosewood/spruce

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