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Flatland Drive- Carolyn the Teenage Queen

3:25 minutes (3.91 MB)

We recorded this using 4 cad mics and garage band in the banjo players poolhouse.  I am playing a Tut Taylor with modified soundwell and Scheerhorn cone.

Green Appalachian Reso Sample

6:18 minutes (7.21 MB)

Tom Warner's L body laminate birch green reso, Scheerhorn cone, Schoonover spider with ebonex/maple saddle.  Exactly one week old, I played into the Mac computer built in mic, using Garage Band.  No alterations, just had to try it to see what it sounded like.  I am not playing anything particular, I just tried to get the lows, the sustain and various sounds this instrument is capable of.  It sounds good just as is, time will only make it better.

Appalachian L Body Koa

3:56 minutes (5.4 MB)

I uploaded a quick sample of the Koa from Tom Warner.  My mixer and gear are in the band trailer, so I only did it with the built in condenser and Garage Bandon the mac.  I was about 1 foot away.  Nothing in particular just showing the sustain and growl up and down the neck.

Birch Appalachian with Beard Legend Cone

2:39 minutes (3.65 MB)

Koa Appalachian with Beard Legend Cone

2:40 minutes (3.67 MB)

Carolyn The Teenage Queen

3:25 minutes (3.91 MB)

Old recording using my old Tut Taylor Tennessean with Scheerhorn cone.

Ke Kali Ne Au

4:07 minutes (5.65 MB)

Butchered this one from memory, my parents used to do this for weddings and shows. Played on a 1935 Oahu acoustic I got from Tom Warner a couple years ago.....sadly only the 2nd time I have had time to pull it out. D tuning.

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