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Cold Frosty Morning

2:23 minutes (2.06 MB)

Well, after four years of dormancy I've busted out the ole 4 track and chiseled off the dust. Here's what I came up with. Thanks to JS for the kick in the pants! That wasn't the only reason I did it, but it was a contributing factor.

El Cumbanchero

1:51 minutes (1.7 MB)

Here's a fun tune, El Cumbanchero. I performed it Saturday night,for the first time, with Mandolin and Fiddle. It's an unprocessed recording, with the H2. To upload it I had to downcovert it to 128kps-44hz, MP3.

Memorial Day Weekend

1:56 minutes (1.77 MB)

This was written after WWII , we did it last week at open stage .
Thank you to all the Veterans past and present .
Youll have to forgive me the file converter chopped off part of the file i will do it ove sorry for the inconvienance

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