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Electric Scheerhorn -- Billy Cardine and The Downbeat Project

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Hey reso-buds, there's been some talk in the past about the electric Scheerhorns and what they are all about.  Here's a clip of mine running thru a fender tube amp.  I've done a few different things with it in the studio, including mic'ing the instrument itself, which has an acoustic quality...nothing like a regular reso, but pretty cool for certain things and can be helpful blended in with the amp sound.  


This group, The Downbeat Project, is from C'ville VA.  They havent really gotten out and played too much, and their MySPace page is from 03, BUT were almost done with this record and looking forward to playing some next year, between Burners gigs and some other stuff I've been putting together.

Heaven (clip) -- electric Scheerhorn -- Billy Cardine w/ The Downbeat Project

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Here's another sampling of this elec Scheerhorn. I spent so much time experimenting with setups during the 3 recording sessions for this project that none of the tones really sound the same, but they are at least as close as I could get to what I wanted for the tunes. I backed off the overdrive on this one a bit.

Electric Scheerhorn -- Billy Cardine w/ The Downbeat Project

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Here's one more clip. This was an attempt to blend in as much acoustic tone as possible without the electric reso sounding too metallic (not to be confused with sounding like Metallica, but that might be kinda cool too ;-) The overdrive makes kind of a grey area btwn the pickups and the acoustic tone.

I recently replaced the humbucker in the guitar with a Lindy Fralin pickup, which I am very happy with. The 'acoustic' type pickup is the bridge and I'm not even sure what Tim put in there. LRBaggs of some sort. I mic'd the top of the guitar with a 1955 Neumann UM57 using an omni pattern.


(BTW, the Burners are still happy and very much active in 09, this is just one of a few projects I'm working on alongside.  I'm producing this record for these guys and alot of the arrangements, both vocal and band, are my devise.  There's a really eclectic mix of music on this project with some great harmony.  There's 5 singers!)  

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