audio by artist carolyn szatkowski

Carolyn Szatkowski - Gods Coloring Book

3:00 minutes (3.44 MB)

Hi folks. Living in a town where dobro players are scarce (Phoenix) has it's benefits. I recently got asked to come into the studio and lay down a dobro track on a new CD project. The song was a cover of Dolly Parton's God's Coloring Book done by Country Gentlemen. Naturally I borrowed as much as I could from the original artist, but they asked me to add in a lot more fills too. Anyhow, all I can hear are the things that I could have done better on, but I wanted to share with my fellow dobrists. I'm still pretty new at this dobro thing and was delighted to have such an opportunity as this. Very educational too. The CD just came out this week.     

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