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Beginner - Need Input and Direction

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I've always wanted to learn and play reso. So, 3 months ago I purchased a starter. After researching, which lead me to the site and read a lot of great threads, I bought a a dobro that I think would be great for me. It's a GT solid mahog signature beard series. Considering I've really only played acoustic guitar with no lead or scale experience prior, I'm finding it somewhat difficult to learn more, which is something I really want to do since purchasing this reso. I'm posting my progress so far that I recorded on my computer using Audacity and just a straight crappy mic, nothing else.

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Flamenco / Reso

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I've been curious on the sound of a flamenco vs. reso, so I decided to write and play a little diddy.

There are two parts, very rough for now. But please give me suggestions on what you like or think about the sound of the two together. Only been playing reso since last Sept, so still learning.....just wanted to try something different.

Played on a PBS goldtone solid mohag, cheap classical, cheap mic and Audacity.



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