audio by artist kathy kallick band with greg booth

Kathy Kallick Band live radio show with Greg Booth

5:13 minutes (1.5 MB)

Here is a clip from a radio show I did with the Kathy Kallick Band live in the KPFA studio on May 3rd on Tom Diamont's "Panhandle Country" program. The song is "Wilflowers", written by Kathy and recorded by The Good Ol Persons with Sally Van Meter some 20 years ago. Kathy invited me to play on her new cd project and asked for suggestions for songs, this one really stuck in my head after playing some gigs with her in Feb. While I was down in May we got basic tracks for 10 songs recorded and this is one of them. My son Dan and I sing the baritone and low tenor parts. The sound quality here is pretty low-fi, but ok. I'm really excited to be a member of Kathy's new band and enjoy the heck out of playing with her and the extremely talented band. You can hear the whole show by going to Kathy's web site, and going to the music page, or by clicking HERE.

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