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Love Has No Pride

3:41 minutes (3.37 MB)

A guitar student of mine wanted to learn this song last week. I remembered it but haven't played it for years so I brushed up on it, taught it to him, learned it myself on the dobro, taught it to two dobro students and then came home and recorded it. What a beautiful melancholy melody. just the kind of stuff i like!

Guernsey Dobro, Santa Cruz guitar, Kentucky Mandolin, Ibanez bass into Protools with Chameleon TS-1 small diaphram mics.

On Christmas Eve

3:43 minutes (3.4 MB)

Here's a Christmas ditty. This was written by John Hartford. I sang, played my Santa Cruz OM-45, Guernsey dobro into a Chameleon Labs TS-1 large diaphragm to a Trident S20 mic pre into ProTools. I'm gonna cut this for my Christmas album if I ever get around to doing one. This version is experimental.

One Last Xmas Tune

3:52 minutes (3.54 MB)

This is my favorite Xmas song. It's from the Band. It's called Christmas Must Be Tonight and its on their final album Islands. I'm playing everything and singing. The drums are programmed. This is also an experimental version in anticipation of a future Xmas CD.

HankW-My Sweet Love Ain't Around

3:26 minutes (3.14 MB)

This is a tune I made cuz a friend is doing a project involving Hank Williams songs and this is my demo of a possible contribution. I played my Takamine dreadnought and Rayco dobro. Played into Chameleon TS-1 (small diaphram condenser) and sang into the large diaphram counterpart TS-2. MBox2Pro mic pres into ProToolsLE.

Are you sure Hank done it thisaway? (I'm quite sure he didn't!)

Evening Prayer Blues

3:58 minutes (3.64 MB)

This is a cool tune written by DeFord Bailey, African American harmonica player that was a star on the Grand Old Opry in the 40s. i played it in open D tuning on my Wechter/Scheerhorn that has a parts upgrade and setup by BDictator. Chameleon Labs TS-1 small diaphragm mic thru a Universal Audio SOLO 610 mic pre. Washboard by National recorded with same setup. All into ProTools LE

Orville Johnson-I Get the Blues When It Rains

3:53 minutes (3.56 MB)

This is a tune I've been messing around with from Snooks Eaglin, the great New Orleans guitarist. If you've never heard the album this is from, New Orleans Street Singer on Smithsonian Folkways, you should look it up. Killer acoustic guitar and vocals. This version is me on guitar and vocals and I added the slide part on a vintage Roy Smeck Stage DeLuxe Gibson from 1934 or so. Cool sounding ax, basically a 12 fret mahogany dreadnought made for Hawaiian style, meaning a thick, extra wide neck and raised strings. People will often reshape the neck on these and play regular guitar but, boy, does it sound good for lap-style. Hope you enjoy. All thru Chameleon Labs mics and UA solo610 mic pre into ProToolsLE

Orville Johnson-So What

6:26 minutes (5.9 MB)

This is a live concert cut that I did with pianist Tom Kellock, bassist Garey Shelton, and drummer Mark Ivester. I'm playing lap steel. It's my Supro with the string-thru pickup thru my Anderson amp with a touch of delay added. The Supro is a long scale ax so it feels similar to my dobros to play. The song is, of course, from the Miles Davis album Kind of Blue. A little slidey jazz for a Sunday afternoon.

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