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Hymn of ordinary Motion - played by Paolo Ercoli

2:53 minutes (2.64 MB)

After seeing Rob Anderlik's video I remembered that I've recorded this song 10 years ago, back when I had a Trio (double bass, guitar and me on the resonator).

This is our version.

Strong and True - played by Paolo Ercoli

4:00 minutes (3.68 MB)

This song is on the first cd "No Hurry" of guitar player Scott Nygaard. As far as I know this song is only on that cd, I don't know of any other version, maybe you know better than me. Anyway on his cd Scott use a fiddle, so it was fun for me to change the song and put the resonator instead of the fiddle.

This also was made back when I had my Trio of New Acoustic Music.


Going Places with Dad - played by Paolo Ercoli

2:58 minutes (3.41 MB)

This song is included in a CD of a songwriter friend of mine, his name is Paolo Giorgi. He wrote it, just to remember his first visit to New York, bringing his dad with him.

He asked if I could play something on it, so I came up with this "resonator arrangement". But then this song immediately made me think that it could have been interesting to add also my Pedal Steel guitar.

So, this is the result.

Bridge Across the River - Played by Paolo Ercoli

2:44 minutes (3.14 MB)

As somebody of you liked the first song I uploaded here, I put also the second song from that CD that I told you before, of my songwriter friend Paolo Giorgi.

Also here I play resonator and pedal steel.

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