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Redneck Girlfriend-Don't Fall in Love with a Redneck-Tab Tabscott

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I used to play in this group, very different from Bluegrass/CW music, eh? The dobro is a 90's 'horn with the stereo pickup system that Tim used to sell. The steel is a 70's Emmons with a tube screamer unit chained to it.

These guys would hop around onstage like they had ants in their pants! The bass player had two big skulls with flaming eyeballs tattooed on the front of his neck. He would always point his chin at the ceiling so the crowd could get a really good look. I was really glad I was sitting down so that I didn't have to hop around and gesticulate like that...

While it is a lot fun to play through a Marshall stack, I eventually had to stop because of the excessive volume at live shows. My ears ring to this day...

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