audio by artist willie and the specters

Ghost of a Chance

3:47 minutes (3.46 MB)

I recorded this a while back with Lee Blaske on piano in Minneapolis

Willie and the Specters - Herido do Sombras

4:11 minutes (3.83 MB)

From the same project as Ghost of a Chance - great players (Kari Larson, Kyle Tennis, James Buckley, Lee Blaske, Marc Anderson, Bobby Ekstrand, JT Bates)

I need to develop better intonation, freer phrasing, and vibrato, but each recording is a snapshot of where you are on the journey at that moment



St. James Infirmary - Willie and the Specters

4:45 minutes (4.39 MB)

Here is another tune from the same Specters Project - our contribution to the long list of versions of St. James Infirmary. Again, personnel was Kyle Tennis (guitar), Kari Larsen (mando), JT Bates (drums), Jeff Buckley (bass), Clint Hoover (harmonica), Bruce Henry (vocal), and myself lapsteel



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