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Troy Brenningmeyer - In The Sweet By And By

2:22 minutes (2.71 MB)

Hymn of ordinary Motion - played by Paolo Ercoli

2:53 minutes (2.64 MB)

After seeing Rob Anderlik's video I remembered that I've recorded this song 10 years ago, back when I had a Trio (double bass, guitar and me on the resonator).

This is our version.

Strong and True - played by Paolo Ercoli

4:00 minutes (3.68 MB)

This song is on the first cd "No Hurry" of guitar player Scott Nygaard. As far as I know this song is only on that cd, I don't know of any other version, maybe you know better than me. Anyway on his cd Scott use a fiddle, so it was fun for me to change the song and put the resonator instead of the fiddle.

This also was made back when I had my Trio of New Acoustic Music.


Troy Brenningmeyer - Whispering Oaks (Original Tune)

2:02 minutes (2.33 MB)

Hi guys I wrote this awhile ago, and finally recorded it. I hope you enjoy it.

Greg Leisz

4:10 minutes (9.56 MB)

This post is in response to a thread about Greg Leisz. This song is from the new Buddy Miller album - The Majestic Silver Strings. It is a great song, but the last minute or so of the song highlights Leisz's great pedal steel playing. Check it out...

Chad Darou-Daddy's Boy

3:25 minutes (3.14 MB)

This is a tune I was inspired to write while watching my son Richard fall asleep one afternoon. Hope you all enjoy it! I look forward to any and all feedback.

This was played on my Deneve D Body Adirondack Spruce and Brazillian Rosewood.

Clip from new Kathy Kallick Band cd

1:00 minutes (1.16 MB)

I recently got back from Oakland and about a week of recording getting Kathy's new cd started. This is a rough mix of one of the basic tracks, "Lonesome Without You", a Delmore Bros. duet Dan is singing with Kathy. Dan changed it from a 4/4 beat to a Cajun 3/4 and we play it in Kathy's show with twin fiddles. When we record basic tracks I always go ahead and try to play a solo live, if I'm lucky maybe it's a keeper. Not sure if we'll keep this one or not, but the duet sounds pretty good I think! Proud papa.Wink

Grand Old Flag

0:52 minutes (818 KB)

Happy 4th of July to everyone! I was watching Yankee Doodle Dandy with Jimmy Cagne the other night and thought this great George M. Cohan tune might be a good one for the ol' square neck. It layed out pretty good in G. Recorded in Garage Band on my Mac and played a little rhythm guitar and mandolin to back it up. So, in honor of our military and Patriots everywhere this 4th of July, please enjoy. And let me know what you think, too.



1:16 minutes (1.47 MB)

This is jazz. I worked this up by request to play in a duet at a camp I'm teaching at in a couple weeks, PSGW. There are a lot of great jazz and swing guitar players there who I learn a lot from. I don't know that much about jazz, but I like how the dobro sounds in it. The tune was written by Duke Jordan, and this is a clip of his trio from the album "Flight to Denmark" to which I added a dobro part on the head. It's a short clip with no improv yet, but I thought I'd share it with those of you that like a little variety.

In a Quiet Place

5:21 minutes (4.91 MB)

Been working all summer on my first recording proejct ever - scary fun. Anyway, this tune doesn't really represent what the rest of the project is like - and it aint mastered yet, but I thought for some reason I would take the plunge and post it. The tune is by Pat Metheny, and it can be found on the same CD with a tune Rob Ickes recorded (Union Pacific) - the CD is called The Sound of Summer Running. I highly recommend it (Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell together with Marc Johnson and Joey Baron.

anyway, here's the tune, I might post the chart also


willie scott

Troy Brenningmeyer - How Great Thou Art

1:56 minutes (2.22 MB)

I'm preparing to record a Gospel Dobro album, and here's a little idea of the sound I'm going for. Kinda in the same vain as Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden's album "Beyond The Missouri Sky". I'm also playing guitar on this one.


Hope you enjoy!



THE PHOENIX - by Troy Brenningmeyer

Click to play
2:12 minutes (2.53 MB)

Here's an original tune I wrote called "THE PHOENIX".

I'll be putting up a lesson for the tune and giving 100% of the Sales for the month of October to J.P. Johnson of Pearl River Resonators.
In late summer, shortly after the ResoGathering, his entire Dobro Luthier shop burnt to the ground and he lost everything.


Thanks for listening,



St. James Infirmary - Willie and the Specters

4:45 minutes (4.39 MB)

Here is another tune from the same Specters Project - our contribution to the long list of versions of St. James Infirmary. Again, personnel was Kyle Tennis (guitar), Kari Larsen (mando), JT Bates (drums), Jeff Buckley (bass), Clint Hoover (harmonica), Bruce Henry (vocal), and myself lapsteel



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