Something (a meditation)-Orville johnson

This is something I just did and thought i'd share with you. I talk in my classes about using concepts of singing to enhance your dobro playing and I know MikeW has done workshops at ResoSummit on analyzing different singers characteristics and bringing some of that into your dobro playing. I was surfing youTube and came across a bunch of Beatles tunes where certain tracks had been isolated and it was interesting to hear. I ripped one of the B3organ and orchestra track from the song Something, dumped it into ProTools, made a sloppy edit of the beginning of the tune from the album so I'd know where to start,and then tried to imitate the phrasing and timing of the vocal melody as closely as I could (also copped the guitar solo for fun).

It's a fun and useful exercise to imitate singing and really try to hear the words in your playing. The level of success here is debateable but the knowledge gained from trying is worth the hour I spent doing this. Curious what you might think about it.

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