Bryan Clark (reso), Xiaohui Ma (erhu) - Orientale

3:07 minutes (4.29 MB)

Here's a track from our record that will be released in February.  definitely not Bluegrass this time around.Laughing  Playing my Maple Meredith - used to be Andy Halls. made in '06.



Grant's Corner - Meredith Rosewood Spruce

2:16 minutes (5.2 MB)

I recorded this in my living room with the Meredith Rosewood spruce I have listed for sale. Please excuse my senior moments durring recording!Embarassed

Amazing Grace - Scheerhorn #491

2:21 minutes (2.7 MB)

Carolyn The Teenage Queen

3:25 minutes (3.91 MB)

Old recording using my old Tut Taylor Tennessean with Scheerhorn cone.

Koa Appalachian with Beard Legend Cone

2:40 minutes (3.67 MB)

Birch Appalachian with Beard Legend Cone

2:39 minutes (3.65 MB)

The Mountain Men- Asshole

3:13 minutes (3.73 MB)

An original song written by a friend of mine Andy Roberts. We recorded at his bar The Hideout Saloon, Mariposa,Ca. Live Studio session. I'm playing an '04 Mckenna. 

Blue Yodel # 6

3:36 minutes (8.25 MB)

Here's a track for the new CD "The Road to Home" I hope you enjoy it !

Surfer Girl - Asher Deep Body

3:09 minutes (2.9 MB)

My arrangement of Surfer Girl in open D. Asher deep body Hawaiian. 100% inspired by Bill Frisell.

Cincinnati Rag

2:17 minutes (2.09 MB)

Our band, Flatt Rabbit, back at the lively Cantab Lounge (Central Square, Cambridge, Our Fair City, MA) last night 11/5/13. We trotted this one (a Jerry Douglas classic from Don Reno from Tin Pan Alley) out from the closet after not playing it for some time. Lots of noise and we're (I'm) a little ragged, but it is a great tune that gives everyone something to say and sure pleases the crowd!

That's my Beard MA-6 through a condenser mic. (I had planned to play through the Aura box, but they had gone to the trouble of setting up a mic...)

At a recent workshop I was asked about practicing hammer-ons, pulloffs and rolls. Well, this tune will do them all :)

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