Blue Yodel # 6

3:36 minutes (8.25 MB)

Here's a track for the new CD "The Road to Home" I hope you enjoy it !

Surfer Girl - Asher Deep Body

3:09 minutes (2.9 MB)

My arrangement of Surfer Girl in open D. Asher deep body Hawaiian. 100% inspired by Bill Frisell.

Cincinnati Rag

2:17 minutes (2.09 MB)

Our band, Flatt Rabbit, back at the lively Cantab Lounge (Central Square, Cambridge, Our Fair City, MA) last night 11/5/13. We trotted this one (a Jerry Douglas classic from Don Reno from Tin Pan Alley) out from the closet after not playing it for some time. Lots of noise and we're (I'm) a little ragged, but it is a great tune that gives everyone something to say and sure pleases the crowd!

That's my Beard MA-6 through a condenser mic. (I had planned to play through the Aura box, but they had gone to the trouble of setting up a mic...)

At a recent workshop I was asked about practicing hammer-ons, pulloffs and rolls. Well, this tune will do them all :)

Untitled Tune

5:09 minutes (5.9 MB)

Here's a tune that I came up with while messing around with a roll pattern in G in 6/8. It's very different that anything else I've come up with; sort of a cinematic feel to it. It works well as a solo piece or with an ensemble as I've done with the attached recording. I'm playing in standard G tuning. I'd love to get your feedback on this one! 

Road to Columbus

3:24 minutes (3.89 MB)

About a year ago I met a great fiddle player named Ed Closner from Indiana at a jam session near my home in Chicago. During our jam session he called out the fiddle tune Road to Columbus by Kenny Baker. Up until that point I had heard the tune but never played it. I liked it so much that I decided to work up an arrangement which I am sharing here. 

Road to Columbus is a great tune which lays out very well for dobro. It's in the key of A and I've arranged it out of G position with a capo on the 2nd fret which allows me to make use of rolls and single string runs with hammer ons and pull offs. Please contact me through my website if you are interested in tabs for this tune.

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Maiden's Prayer (from Mike Witcher's video lesson)

1:00 minutes (1.84 MB)

Just a clip of my new maple Meredith guitar (#210) after a couple days of trying to figure out how to play this darn thing. I'm a former banjo/guitar player, but had to stop due to an old wrist/hand injury to my left hand. So I decided to try to learn to play dobro and see if I could slide instead of fret... (did that make any sense?)

Anyway, this is really raw and awful... A total newbie's hack of a beautiful tune. But I figure it will give me something to measure against in a few years/decades...

Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd

6:34 minutes (7.52 MB)

I went into the studio recently with some friends to record one of my original tunes and we wound up with some extra time so we cut a couple of extra tunes, including this version of Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. This tune features some great Chicago based musicians - Tom Culver on cello, Pat Otto on mandolin and Mike Church on guitar. The tune is in Dm. Not exactly my favorite key to play in, but its a great tune nonetheless! 

Hope you guys like it! 

Pick Test

0:33 minutes (520.86 KB)

I thought I would send this out to the Nation to get your feedback.  I tested 3 thumb picks for sound characteristics a Blue Chip, a Dobro pick from Beard and an Acri similar style to the Blue Chip.  This is my first audio post so I am trying two things. A test of recording and posting and to see if other agree with my evaluation.  As you can hear all I did was strum.  The instrument is a Maple Sheerhorn.

If you choose to participate let me know which you prefer the first, second or third.  Any other comments will be accepted.  After some time I will let you know which picks they are.

Sweet Tea - Asher Hawaiian Deep Body

2:54 minutes (3.99 MB)

I'm really finding inspiration in my new Asher deep body Weissenborn. Here's a litle ditty the new guitar inspired. My Blue Snowball USB mic and limited audio engineering skills don't really do justice to the power and tone color this ax puts out. In Dmaj7 tuning with bare fingers.

Georgia on My Mind

2:56 minutes (6.71 MB)

I heard a Ray Charles recording of this at the week end and decided to give it a go. Excuse the simplified guitar chords.

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