Gretsch Bobtail JD Aura pedal, another sample (song)

1:41 minutes (1.55 MB)


Here is another sample with the Gretsch Bobtail and JD Aura pedal. This time I played a short song (Summer Rain/Junior Barber).

Signal chain: Gretsch → Aura pedal, preset # 8 Shure SM81, 100% blend, phase on → HD Recorder, only added some reverb.

Gretsch Bobtail with Nashville pickup and JD Aura pedal - sample

1:01 minutes (2.31 MB)


A simple recording demonstrating the string balance of the Gretsch Bobtail with Nashville pickup and JD Aura pedal, preset #6


Signal chain for the audio sample: Gretsch → Aura pedal, preset #6, 100% blend → Fishman Loudbox → Loudbox headphone output to HD Recorder



Flatt Rabbit: What I'm Looking For

3:32 minutes (3.25 MB)

Flatt Rabbit performing Donna Hughes' song "What I'm Looking For" last night at Sally O'Brien's in Union Square, Somerville MA. Sorry about the audio, a hand-held recording from the audience. Bassist Tom Fitzgerald and Banjoist Grace Van't Hof singing on this one. That's my awesome MA-6 (#96), which I don't play enough!

World Cafe - by Troy Brenningmeyer

2:17 minutes (2.62 MB)

Here's one I wrote with me on Guitar & Dobro

The Tennessee Studs - Friends

2:15 minutes (2.06 MB)

Dobro & pedal steel guitar blend beautiful together. Here is me and my buddy Ro. Cheers, JS

Little Angles - by Troy Brenningmeyer

3:24 minutes (3.9 MB)


3:29 minutes (3.2 MB)

This Out Of The Blue's version of Reuben!

Even Santa Claus Gets the Blues - written by Marty Stuart

3:33 minutes (4.07 MB)

None of the Above is a bluegrass band based in the Mt. Airy, North Carolina area, I've played with them for a year or so, and this is our version of a Marty Stuart holiday tune.  I'm playing a 2004 Harlow that I bought from a forum member just a few months back, and I'm really pleased with the recorded sound of the guitar.  I hadn't heard the finished mix until today, and while I can always critique my playing, I'm really liking the old Harlow.  This is my first attempt at posting anything other than a classified ad, so apologies in advance if I mess this up.   

There's also a youtube link:

Hope you enjoy this,

They Held the Line

4:02 minutes (4.62 MB)

Our band wrote this one for veterans.

Till There Was You

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)

I haven't posted anything for quite some time but was in the mood today. I love Mike Auldrige's arrangement of this song and couldn't rest until I learned it. I'm no Mike A. but hope everyone enjoys. I'd like to hear what you think.


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