Red Wing informal Jam

2:18 minutes (5.26 MB)

A bunch of us were jamming at a local festival in FL so I decided to test my new Tascam PR-10. Players are myself on my Beard MA6, Leon M on his Koa wishlist L Body Scheerhorn, Damon on his Dragon reso and Alan(sorry I don't know your user name on here) on his Maple L Body Scheerhorn.


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Hi everybody,

one hour ago I got in my hand our new cd, just wanted to share one song with you. On this there is Andy Hall playin with me, and the Band of course, we split the solos. I think you'll understand when is Andy playing and when is me :-) . Is a song that he gave to me as he didn't use it, and that instead I 've used :) , and he's been also so kind to play it with me.

Now I have to rush because I have to go playing in a Bluegrass Festival in the Netherlands, at Ewob Festival, I'll be bach sunday night.

Ciao, thanks for listening.

Streets of Baltimore by Lone Wonder

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I am a newbie of resonator guitar, and I have recorded a couple of covers that has some resonator guitar on them (open d tuning). But at most songs I play my old lap steel. My resonator is a Wechter Scheerhorn 6510R and the lap steel is an old Oahu Tonemaster. 

You can find more songs at my website:


Philip, Sweden

Livingroom jam, Midnight Turning Day Blues

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This is my first post on this forum. A one take livingroom recording of Midnight Turning Day Blues by Jimmie Rodgers. 

Guitar and vocals – Peter Sundstedt
Reso – Petter Törnqvist
Banjo – Andreas Sundlöf

Crappy sound on this one, hopefully it will be better next time. 



The Middle

4:27 minutes (5.09 MB)

This is a tune I played on recently for a friend who is a singer/evangelist. Thought it turned out pretty nice, so I thought I'd share. A little out of the bag.

Troy Brenningmeyer - Days Fly By

2:23 minutes (2.18 MB)

Greg Booth - Shuckin' the Acorns clip

0:51 minutes (1.19 MB)

I haven't shared any music lately so here is a clip of my new dobro tune, "Shuckin' the Acorns" from the new Kathy Kallick Band cd, in final production and to be released this fall. This is a mix and hasn't been mastered yet so it will sound nicer and cleaner in final form. After Annie's fiddle break she joins me in harmony for the last time through. The band had been having fun with a tune called "Shaking Down the Acorns" that we got from Martino Coppo so I wanted to contribute something in that vein for the new cd. Kathy has done it again and written some really great new songs for the new record and there is lots of dobro throughout....I'm really fortunate to be part of this.Smile

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The FREE Rangers - Why You Been Gone So Long

4:33 minutes (8.33 MB)

This is my first audio posting to the nation.  This is from a demo recording I made of the group I play with regularly, The FREE Rangers, doing a great Mickey Newbury tune.   Most of the demo is live recording, though I did use the opening portion to overdub the original and try to work out what I wanted to actually end up playing.  Hope you like it.

Appalachian L Body Koa

3:56 minutes (5.4 MB)

I uploaded a quick sample of the Koa from Tom Warner.  My mixer and gear are in the band trailer, so I only did it with the built in condenser and Garage Bandon the mac.  I was about 1 foot away.  Nothing in particular just showing the sustain and growl up and down the neck.

I Feel Fine - Orville Johnson

2:36 minutes (5.94 MB)

I don't think I posted this here at ResoNation. My friend Casey MacGill and I recently contributed a song to a website having the stated mission of playing every song in the Beatles catalog with ukulele included in each song. The song we were assigned was I Feel Fine. Casey sings lead and plays uke and cornet, Matt Weiner plays bass, I play everything else and recorded and mixed the track. I tried to cop the original guitar solo on dobro and used some dobrolic noises to approximate the feedback intro. It was fun to do and there are some other cool tunes on the site too (check out Gerald Ross' solo uke version of Penny Lane). If you want to check out some of the other tunes follow the link. 

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