Knut Hem - Spring Break

2:31 minutes (2.31 MB)

Just some fun with BIAB..type in chords create a small melody on the dobro and the program does the rest...

Poor Wayfaring Stranger

4:18 minutes (4.93 MB)

Inspired by the Natalie Merchant rendition.

Tom Bleu Mortensen-Wechter/Scheerhorn 9524RLB Reso, Harmonica and Key Bass

Becky Buller-Banjo, Acoustic Guitar and Fiddle

Troy Brenningmeyer - Gloucester

1:20 minutes (1.23 MB)

Here's a song idea I'm working on.

It's recorded using a Cascade X15 Stereo Ribbon with the Lundahl Transformer ---> into the Apogee Duet ---> Into Pro Tools 9 ---> a touch of Eq boost on 5 and 6 k and a tad Reverb. Enjoy!

White Christmas

2:53 minutes (3.96 MB)

I don't think I have posted a tune before so when I was in the recording studio today I took a few minutes at the end to have some fun. Happy Chritmas everybody.

1928 Dobro Prototype

1:22 minutes (520.79 KB)

This is my 1928 Dobro Prototype recorded on a small Tascam 8 Trac recorder with guitar, bass, and mandolin on other tracks.

Just Friends

1:57 minutes (1.78 MB)

I promised a couple of friends to submit some of the jazz tunes I played for them in a hotel room in Nashville, Sunday evening after the Reso-Summit. Can't remember if I played this one though... Anyway, this is a well known jazz tune recorded at home with simple gear and Band-in-a-Box real tracks.


Tom Mortensen - God Our Father~Hear Us Pray

1:38 minutes (3.74 MB)

From a hymnal, Tom Mortensen-Dobro, Scott Joyce-Piano

Subway - an original tune

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)

Here's an original swing tune of mine in it's earliest form with BIAB, lap steel and standard guitar.

Burke Ingraffia - Sweet & Sour

3:15 minutes (3.73 MB)

Here's another one of the tunes I played on for my Bro-in-laws CD. It's a really good CD. Check it out on I-Tunes or wherever you get your music.


The Breeze

4:37 minutes (3.9 MB)

This is from a recording by a friend of mine, Kai Andreassen. On this track I play my maple Meredith. The banjo player on the record is Gisle Harr from one of Paul Ovddvangs band, Little Maggie:) -I never met him thoug, I got the files by email and did my track here on the west coast..

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