Dobro Rental???

I am looking to rent a dobro for ResoSummit this year. Does anyone have any suggestions? If anyone attending this year is driving and can bring an extra instrument I am willing to pay good $ for the use of your resophonic guitar (an entry level or low end instrument is fine!!). I'm a ResoSummit repeat offender so if you are too, we have probably met before. -Bill 

WTB: Travelite Dobro Case

Does anyone have a Travelite dobro case (aka Travelite model TL-60 Classical/Resophonic Guitar Case) they would like to sell?


LOOKING for a used MA6 mike Auldridge Resophonic Guitar any year any color . you can call me at 207 848 3404 or Email at
starter@roadrunner.com thank you many you have one that not for sale that you might like to sell . I love the sound of the dobro or the ele steal love it!!!! what happen to MA6 that had chip in it for sale for 2600

WTB 30's Short Spider

I'm looking to replace the long spider bridge in my model 37 with the short verison.  If you have one for sale or know of one that's available, please message me.



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