2015 National Scheerhorn Rob Ickes in pristine condition

2015 National Scheerhorn Rob Ickes Reso in pristine condition!  Reso was purchased from Artisans Guitars Franklin,Tn in 2016 and is flawless!! I doubt the Reso has ever been played except by me trying it out!!! $3100.00 shipped in CONUS!  If PayPal add 3%!  If interested pm and I'll send pictures!!

Guernsey Model 710 Prototype '' Updated '' Price reduced


It took me ten years to buy this reso from Ivan. My late wife and I would go out and visit Ivan every summer and every year I would do my best to talk him out of it but to no avail.I bought this in 2007. It was being built for Mike Auldridge but decided what we all know as the Auldridge model Black with hearts and flowers. Ivan had built this with his four piece soundwell but had the idea for the mid body baffle and sound post so this was the fist one built. He removed the sound well and installed the mid body baffle and sound post and it is still being used today. This reso was also taken on tour by Vince Gill for several shows when he was deciding what reso he wanted Ivan to build him. Though the reso has no label inside it is number 27 and I have a letter from Ivan stating what I have said above. I will make a copy of the letter and include it with the reso.

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Dunlop 926 Lap Dawg tone bar


Chromed brass 5.1oz, 3/4" x 2.85".  As-new in original packing tube, barely used.  Found a bit short for my long fingers.

$18 ppd CONUS.

GM resophonic / lapsteel capo


GM understring capo.  Made in UK.  Great sustain.  

Works for 6-8 string resonator or lapsteel.

Mint condition.  Earlier model with knurled brass adj knob.

Asking $37.95 ppd CONUS.



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