Koa & Spruce Carroll Benoit Resophonic.


$1,900 + shipping.         Full info + photos here: http://www.volkmedia.com/Volkmedia.com/Benoit/Pages/Last_Import.html


Beautiful flamed figured Hawaiian koa back & sides, Englemann spruce top, Quaterman cone, gloss ebony fretboard with mother-of-pearl frets + position dots; curly koa binding with complex purfling inlay; Waverly tuners. This is a visually striking and gorgeous sounding Dobro/Resophonic guitar. I am only selling it because I need to fund another purchase. 

We had a long dry winter here in Massachusetts which resulted in two hairline cracks in the top and two along the grain in the rear. I took the guitar to well-known local repairman Bob Stublebine in Cambridge, MA who advised that these cracks were not at all serious and I could leave the guitar as is if desired. I told him I wanted to sell the guitar and, if I were the buyer, would want to know these cracks were stabile. So I paid to have him glue and cleat the top cracks and glue the rear. They are all completely repaired, totally stabile and practically invisible. The guitar sounds as great as ever. This is a $3,000+ guitar new from the builder but because of the repairs outlined above, I am selling it for $1,900. This is your opportunity to own an exceptional custom-made resophonic at a very reasonable cost. If you have any questions about the repairs, call Bob Stublebine: 617-431-1433

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