Harlows and Weissies -

It's time to do the "release" part of "catch and release", so I'm reluctantly offering the following instruments for sale.  The photo-uploading gods aren't working with me today, so I'll try again later to post pix, or PM me and I'll send them over.


Harlow standard body, black lacquer over walnut.  Early 2000s model.  This is one of the best resos I've ever owned, and I've owned a bunch.  Beautiful sweet sound, barks when pushed, a pleasure to play.  Just an amazing instrument.  Gloss black overall, tasteful pearl cross in the headstock, chrome Schallers, TKL case.  It's got Frank's 100-year-old poplar soundwell, Quarterman cone, #14 spider, and, of course, Frank's setup mojo.  Some cosmetic wear; this thing's been loved and played a lot, but there's nothing more than the typical nicks, light scratches, and a little buckle rash.  $2500


Harlow jumbo cherry, natural curly cherry, 2011.  I think this is Frank's only natural-finish cherry instrument ever, and it came out beautifully.  Stunning color and figure - an absolute traffic-stopper.  Abalone-trimmed headstock with a custom inlaid mermaid ivory scrimshaw oval.  Full poplar soundwell, Quarterman, #14.  In beautiful condition, with only light pick scratches - I received this from Frank in late 2011 but shifted my focus to bass shortly thereafter, so this instrument hasn't been played much and should still open up considerably.  It's got the wonderful balance and presence that Harlows are noted for.  Planet Waves auto-trim locking tuners, TKL deluxe case.  $3300


Bear Creek MK Weissenborn, spruce top, mahogany body, walnut binding.  "The stars were aligned just right when I built that one", says Bill Hardin, and he's right.  It's the best sounding non-original Weissenborn I've ever heard.  A few small dings, but very nice condition overall.  Waverly tuners, and the incredible (and expensive) Armitage case that fits it like a glove. Fishman soundhole pickup makes sure you'll be heard.  Ethereal tone for days - just an amazing instrument and a complete joy.  $2400


Weissenborn Style 1, 1920 or so, in scary-good "under the bed" condition.  Lacquer crazing, of course, but no cracks or structural issues, very slight bellying at the bridge (which we'll all have when we're nearing 100 years of age).  All original, including tuners and bridge, beautiful koa throughout.  No restoration or refinishing - just as it left the factory. Nothing else has the tone of the original Weissies, and this one can rip your heart wide open.  I looked for a long time to find one in this condition, and it hasn't left my music room in the 20 years I've owned it.  There's an original chipboard case in poor condition but I've got a hardshell classic guitar case that keeps it safe.  $3700


Thanks for looking.  These instruments have been great friends, and it's important to me that they go to good homes.  If my prices are out of line, let's discuss.  I'm a sucker for a good story.  Please PM me with questions or for pictures.




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