Appalachian Acoustic Slide Guitar #3 - Mahogany/Spruce - SOLD!






I have got my Appalachian acousitc slide guitar by Tom Warner up for sale.  It was built for me and completed in August 2015.  Though Tom has built many resonator guitars at this point, this guitar is only the third acoustic slide guitar he has made.  So, this is more or less a prototype/project phase guitar for him to get his techniques down for constructing this particular type of guitar.  I think it turned out very well.  It is all solid wood with a mahogany body and neck, spruce top, ebony fretboard and saddle, and maple binding.  Being that I never had an acoustic slide and that it would be more of a guitar to woodshed with, I didn't have Tom do any fancy appointments to it aesthetically.  I did, however, have Tom add the Planet Waves Auto-Trim locking tuners and it has a TUSQ bridge and pins. 

It plays very well and has a nice, warm tone to it.  I keep it in open E tuning (EG#BEG#B) to get the G tuning licks without the added stress.  It isn't particularly loud compared to my resos, but it does have plenty enough volume for the type of guitar it is.  I would compare it more to a Weissenborn in that aspect.  I wanted an acoustic slide guitar to get a different sound and feel in my playing and this guitar accomplished that.

I do really enjoy this guitar, but it seems when it comes to playing time, it ends up taking a backseat to my resos.  I am hoping to get it to a good home where it will suit another player's needs a little more instead of just sitting on the stand at my house.  As I said, it's less than year old and has never left my smoke-free home.  The guitar is in great condition but does have some pick scratches on the top in between the soundhole and saddle.  It also has some light finish checking in the same area.  I tried to capture those marks in the pictures, but I just couldn't get them to show up.  It is all purely cosmetic and doesn't affect the tone at all.  It also has an end pin to which I installed a Schaller strap lock, so you can put on a strap and play standing.  I am looking to sell this guitar for $900 plus shipping.  In an effort to make a little more room, I have decided to sell the TKL Prestige tweed case I keep it in with it.  The TKL case is in "like new" condition.  I bought it from Paul Beard to pick up my new B & B reso in last year.  Please feel free to contact me through a PM if you have any questions  Paypal or Post Office money orders are accepted.  Thanks for looking!


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