Cleaning Out the Gear Drawer...Again!

Hi Folks!


It's that time again!  I like to try new gear as much as the next guy, but after awhile I get tired of my stuffed "gear drawer".  So, here is what I have to offer:


1.  Miller Steel - SOLD - this steel was custom made for me by Steve Miller of Miller Slides.  He is no longer in business, so the only way to get one of these bars is to find a used one.  This is one of his "Heavy" models with the smallest holes drilled through for grip and weight reduction.  I used the steel exclusively for a while but it still looks like new.  I had the playing surface ground and polished by Jim Konrad when he was offering the service.  It glides over the strings and feels very nice in the hand.  It measures 2-3/4" long on the playing surface and 2-1/4" long on top along the finger groove and is 7/8" high.  It's stainless steel with unpolished sides.

2.  Beard Wave Capo - SOLD - Paul Beard's newer capo design made out of polished stainless steel.  I have had this for a few years, but it hasn't seen much use and is in "like new" condition.

3.  Martin Gross Reso Capo ($45) - I had Martin make this capo for my B & B maple reso earlier this year.  It works well once it is dialed in and sounds fantastic.  Being that the bulk of the brass body sits between the strings and the neck, it absorbs all of the bounce from hammer-ons and pull-offs and eliminates virtually all tone death.  My two gripes are that it takes too much fiddling with if you want to change from the second fret to the fourth fret, or wherever else to get the tension right.  The other is that these are typically made for one guitar, unless you have the same string height and neck width.  This was made to accomodate guitars with a 7/16" string height at the second fret and up to a 2-1/4" neck width.  It includes the peel and stick foam pads to slightly adjust the height, if needed.

4.  Shubb C6b Reso Capo ($25) - This is the adjustable version of the capo and offers many of the same advantages that I mentioned with the Martin Gross capo.  It clamps onto your guitar neck and the heavy brass piece sits between the strings and neck, while the rubber "finger" sandwiches the strings between it and the brass piece.  There is no tone death to my ear and it preserves the volume of your guitar.  This capo is adjustable between the 3/8" and 7/16" string heights which allows it to fit a much larger variety of guitars than the Martin Gross.  It also shares some of the disadvantages of the Gross, such as it needed adjusting with the thumbscrew for tension when moving between frets on my guitar.  If your guitar neck has a more uniform thickness along its entire length, than this capo would be perfect.  


Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like pictures of any of these items.  All prices include shipping within the U.S.  Thanks for looking!


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