Custom Miller Slide - SOLD!

I am looking to sell my custom steel made by Steve Miller at Miller Slides.  It's one of his medium weight models that I had Steve cut to a custom length for me and powder coat red.  The bar measures 2-3/4" on the playing surface and 2-1/4" on the top finger groove.  The powder coating offers a little better grip when your hands get sweaty while playing.  It does have a few small chips in the coating, but nothing that affects the playing surface.  I actually sent this bar to Jim Konrad ("Square Neck" over at RH) and had him grind/polish the playing surface.  It moves like glass over the strings.  


These bars were going for $100 new last time I had one made and I believe Jim charges $40 for time and labor to polish a steel.  I am asking $75 plus shipping for it.  If there are any questions or anyone would like some detailed pictures, feel free to contact me. 



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