Price StreamLine Fiberglass Reso Case - SOLD After All!









I have here for sale a custom 2015 Price StreamLine fiberglass flight case #576 made by Gary Price.  Talking to Gary he's only made a few case for squareneck resos, but I know his cases are very well known among banjo players.  I originally commissioned Gary to build this case with a tracing of my 2007 Fishook reso, but to my delight it fit my new B & B maple that I took delivery of last year.  Being that it was made for the Fishook, which is slightly wider than the B & B, it's a snug fit.  Gary actually sends out a set of instructions with all of his guitar cases as to how to place your guitar in them with the least amount of effort because they are such a tight fit.  With the B & B being narrower and the same depth across the whole body, I can just set it right in the case without having to do anything extra.  I have been using it to store the B & B as it's been my most used guitar, so I fold a microfiber towel in half and place it in the case underneath the guitar to give it a more tight fit depth wise (the Fishook is about 3/4" deeper on the tail end).     


This case is right in line with any of the other high-end custom cases out there, i.e. Calton, Pegasus, etc., in terms of quality and strength.  That being said, it's just as heavy as any of them as well.  According to my official bathroon scale, the case weighs 15.1 lbs empty, and for reference, with my maple B & B inside it weighs in at 22.2 lbs.  It is designed to be a flight case and as far as I know, there has never been one destroyed by baggage carriers.  Gary has several pictures on his website ( of the tests that he has put his cases through to prove their strength and durability.  I had it made with the light gray exterior (it looks white in the pics) and the crimson red interior.  Gary makes all of his cases with a textured exterior finish that looks very nice.  It's got top quality hardware with nickel latches, D-rings, and feet; and a locking latch with key.  It has two interior storage compartments that hold everything I like to carry when playing, including a rolled up strap.  I've included pictures to show everything that I can fit into it with room left to spare.  It also comes with a nice shoulder strap with metal hooks. 


Both my Fishook and B & B resos are large body guitars with slightly different shapes but different enough to encompass some other builders' body shapes, so it should accommodate most large body guitars.  For reference, my Fishook is JD's original body style with the wider waist and deeper tail end as opposed to his newer body style that more closely resembles a Scheerhorn L-body.  The body measures 3-5/8" deep at the neck heel and 4-1/2" deep at the tail end.  The case was made to reflect those measurements, so most guitars with similar body depths should fit well.


Due to a recent inquiry on the case, I took all of the interior measurements of the case to send to them.  I'm not quite sure why it took a question from a prospective buyer for me to think about posting them before now, but here they are for everyone else that may be interested.


Upper bout: 10.5"

Waist: 9.25"

Lower bout: 14.25"

Depth at tail block: 4"

Depth at neck heel: 3"

Body (cavity) length: 20"

Total length: 41"


I just ask that you keep in mind that Gary builds the cases to have a very snug fit to the guitar.  The dimensions might seem a little bit small for a large body guitar case, but the padding has about a 1/2" of give with all of the width dimensions.  Gary included instructions on how to place the guitar in the case given the snugness, which I would include in the case.


The case itself is in mint condition with no damage or scratches anywhere.  It was only ever out of my smoke-free home once other than it's arrival.  That being said, being that it is a flight case made for a professional, gigging/traveling musician, it has ended up as more a dust collector in my ownership.  I ordered it with the hopes that I would be getting to play out more and wanted the best protection for my instruments, but this case and my instruments have not left the house since.  I would really like to see it be used for it's intended reason and hope it gets to see the world! 


A new Price StreamLine model case in this size is $895 plus Gary's shipping cost of $70, I am asking $625 with $35 shipping and handling.  If anyone has any interest please feel free to contact me here on this post or by PM.  I'd be happy to discuss any details and questions.  Thanks for looking!


Just to ease the minds of anyone interested, I am offering a return policy on the case.  I understand it's a custom case made for a different guitar, so I wouldn't want someone to keep it if it wasn't exactly what they needed.  The buyer has three days upon receipt of the Price case to determine if it works for them and if they would like to keep it.  I'll refund the amount paid for the case as long as it's returned in the same condition it left, minus the shipping costs.


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