Clinesmith for sale

Clinesmith #14, Indian rosewood back and sides, sitka spruce top, ebony fingerboard and head plate.

I’ve been avoiding this decision for a long time but despite my best efforts and all the denial I can muster my arthritic hands are too far gone - my stringed instrument playing days are over. Rather than leave her languishing as a case queen I’d rather she found a new home.

As you can see from the attached photos she’s in very good condition. There are 2 small marks on the top from bar drops. There is no belt rash or dings other than as described.

This dobro started it’s life as Todd Clinesmith’s personal instrument. From Todd it went on to Ivan Rosenberg, E J Smith and Jay Jennings before it came to me. (I have a letter of provenance from Todd).

Bobby Wright did a setup (May 2011) and installed a Quarterman cone after trying several different ones (including a Scheerhorn) - he felt the Quarterman gave  the best tone. To my ear the instrument sounded like the volume and clarity had both been increased by the setup. The tone is well balanced throughout through lows mids and highs. By the time Bobby did his magic I was barely able to play so she’s hardly been touched since then. Asking $3200.






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