FS: Gold Tone Mahogany Weissenborn style >SOLD<

I have a Gold Tone Weissenborn SM in Mahogany that I will sell for $300 plus shipping. It is one of those B stock guitars from P&S music on ebay. There is a small crack where the seam in the back was starting to open up, but it is stable and doesn't affect the playability or sound. That is not the reason I am selling it, anyway. It has a decent case, and would be a good starter or beater for someone. Definitely not a pro quality instrument. I paid almost $400 for it.
I don't mean to talk it down, but these Gold Tones, in my opinion, aren't the greatest guitars if you are used to playing high end instruments. But somebody may really like it.
Get a hold of me at tabtabscott@hotmail.com if interested. I'll give you your $$ back if it ain't what I say to you.
Tab :shock:


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