Adams 7 string with Hipshot trilogy , George L pickup, and Marrs Fluger resosimulator

Open to offers

I purchased this from RN member Marty Broussard about  6 years ago. He had it custom overbuilt to handle the stresses from the trilogy. It has a roller bridge and roller nut. I gigged with it for three years in a band with drums. What is great about it is that I could get a pretty good reso tone without any feedback then switch to the steel setting with a George L and have a completely different sound. The tuning choices with the trilogy are broad especially when using all seven strings (3 to the 7th power =2187 tuning combinations) I often used six (3 to the 6th only 729 possible). Given these possibilities, you can easily switch from open G in and out of Greg Booth tuning EBDGBD then to open E with many variations along the way (see steel guitar forum links below)  Because the resonator is not a typical cone set up  it stays at the correct pitch while shifting the levers (apparently the new hip shot double shot has somehow addressed that issue perhaps due to a simultaneous shift? ). It is also really handy as a practice guitar if your living situation is such that it is good to be quiet because it is, when played unplugged. It has no cigarette odor at all. It is a great guitar and I am only selling it and some others to pay for a Froggy Bottom acoustic that I couldn't pass by ( you know how that tune goes). .  I am having difficulty keeping 3 links alive on this page so if you are interested in a really good demonstration of how the hipshot works look in the comment box below.


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