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Dunlop Straplok dobrodoug1624
SOLD Beard LeRoy Mack 175 Studio Guitar SOLD dbeeksci1280
SOLD - Gold Tone SM Weissenborn copy with modifications Liz Williams2209
Gold Tone PBSD - SOLD Bob McEvoy2788
Vintage 1941 Dobro square neck resonator guitar SN:385 $1950 D-Dub2225
#215-A The Holy Grail Scheerhorn (SOLD and Delivered) dobrodoug3352
Looking for a used cover plate and #14 spider rodger_mcbride1552
SOLD: Wechter Scheerhorn Elite 9520 PRICE DROP $1750 ABallance2573
DR. Z MAZ 38 Senior with reverb amp head and 212 Z Best CAB Price Reduced $1499 ThomasC2077
SOLD! Wechter Scheerhorn RS6510F with Schertler Basik SOLD! KodiakReso1707
RQ Jones - $2,500 Dan Mahoney2641
Beard LeRoy Mack 175 Studio Guitar FINE! Reduced Price... dbeeksci1785
Beard 175 LeRoy Mack, Studio Guitar dbeeksci2116
Fishooks - ALL GONE!! dobrodoug3611
Goldtone Beard squareneck resophonic chief ten beers2078
Scheerhorn Capo F/S ....... SOLD dobrobobNC1452
L.R. Baggs Acoustic Reference Acoustic Instrument Amplifier SOLD! Rob Anderlik1688
Peterson Stroboclip Christmas Savings Heff1255
Finger Picks George Laker1310
Wanted Shure KSM 27 or KSM 32 mic Fox1177
RADIAL ToneBone PZ Pre SOLD! rodger_mcbride1238
Schoonover-custom built QuackDaddy2869
SOLD: Beard Maple E Standard w/ Schertler Pickup aaronballance2292
Looking for a Used Beard E Model Resophonatic2022
2004 Beard Vintage-R $1400 + shipping - SOLD bencartwright@g...2004
F/S Gold Tone PBS SOLD! KodiakReso1871
WTB Used Reso Case Bobby Branton1072
WTB: Schertler Basik for reso aaronballance1096
Guitar Center (NC) - Beard GoldTone PBS - 399.99----SOLD Slider McGavin1870
Wechter Scheerhorn with Schertler PU *Price Reduction* SOLD RPinAK3271
SOLD: Fishman Nashville Series Spider-style reso pickup--Slotted $50 aaronballance1731
SOLD: Fishman Jerry Douglas Aura Pedal (used only once) like new in the box $200 aaronballance1240
Wechter Scheerhorn 6524-R, Excellent Condition, SOLD! denny1948golf1906
New christmas CD with reso! twangman1163
Shubb GS Slide Bar Big Al1824
Screen Rings National/Dobro Big Al1297
A pair of Tut Bro's Bobby Branton2027
Beard MA-6 Sold. Lakeview3601
WTB: Baritone Resonator, round or square neck (that won't break the bank) THANK YOU! Dale, dbeeksci1083
Ron Tipton #1 bar SOLD justsomeguy1313
Quarterman Cones 2 SOLD George Laker1173
House cleaning - Burgin - SOLD Michael Barton4072
Fishman Jerry Douglas bridge mounted in spider SOLD Will Andrew1882
Gresham D-Body #790708 Red Spruce Top/Blackwood back and sides dwile2532
Scheerhorn L-Body #415 ---->SOLD<---- Thanks to all for positive comments and interest. Racon3795
09 GUERNSEY BARGIN $15,000.00 SOLD!!! paul edwards4337
Strings and steels - SOLD SteveH1189
No Longer Needed: AKUSfJD Tickets, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, August 13, 2011 daver1593
McKenna birch 6 string open soundwell deep body Bobby Branton1983

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