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Hay Lee.

I just reread what I wrote and realized I sounded a lot
like that crap Matt/Jason. GOD FORBID.

I never took any money for those straps, in fact gave some
Away just to get rid of them, and haven’t built any more since.

The only other thing I have done for the reso community is
To build several guitar stands for a couple handicapped
Pickers and gave the stands to them. Since I’m handicapped also
I know how hard it is to use a strap to hold a dobro. Yeh I said

Please for Gods sake don’t think I’m like those scam idiots.




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Hey Lloyd...

I moved this post out of the Resogate topic....don't worry, your original post didn't sound anything like Matt Roe!

I know you're A-OK! I think.... :lol:


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