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If you had an rg.com account and you are using the same log in password on this site, you may want to change it.

I hate to seem paranoid, but considering what kind of person that administrator turned out to be, nothing seems out of bounds for him.



Good point, Keith.



wow, thanks for the heads up. :idea: I have a bad habbit of using same password for a lot of accounts. This one just got changed!

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Thanks Keith. I just changed mine too. It's just sad that we have to think about crap like this. Takes away from good practice time. :(



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Very wise.

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I feveryone watches their posts, and looks for something they didn't leave, it would be a good way to see if there is something afoot. Don't forget, we all didn't jump in, at the least, he could check the old list and find someone who did not crossover. Use him with a sad story. Careful no matter.

Be careful out there...

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Well here I am. I read the post about changing passwords - good advice that I didn't think of. It's nice to see some familiar names gathering here even though the reason is a shame. I hope this turns out to be a great place to communicate among dobro friends.


Take two lessons, practice a lot and don't call me in the morning - Dr. Quack

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I usually use a totally different password for everything, but after reading this thread, i looked into the book where I keep my passwords and saw that the one I have for the JDBB and the one I have for ResonatorGuitarist is the same. I am automatically connected to the JDBB on my computer, so I am currently still logged in over there, but when i tried to change the password, I got a message saying I entered in the wrong OLD PASSWORD. I know for sure that i never changed my password or e-mail account on that site...maybe I'm a little paranoid, but I wouldn't put anything past this scumbag. I was the one who started the "reso magazine" thread which was skeptical of the magazine, so he'd have reason to want to screw with my account.



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