Lebeda spiders and cones

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Hi all ..... has anybody else tried the Czech made Lebeda spiders and cones? I put a set into my F-60 and, as near as my amateur ear can hear, I think maybe a 25 - 33% increase in volume and brightness. The milled slot for the bridge on the Lebeda is about 0.095" so I had to sand down the bridge pieces. Also, both the spider and cone have been intentionally designed and machined to have a natural resonant frequency of "G". The spider feet have been machined to have a "knife-edge" contact on the cone lip.

Dean Dameworth
Hartsville, SC


Dean Dameworth
Hartsville, SC 29550



I'm not sure if Jiri is casting his own spiders or just tweaking the usual Far East imports. They look very like the imports to me, and those have the same narrow bridge slot.


Pete Woodman Guitars

I read somewhere that he originally used quartermans, but now he makes his
own cones, using a harder alloy and therefore able to make them thinner. (Louder)


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Yo guys

I play a full mahogany lebeda guitar with lebeda spider and cone. I also play a handmade one off curly maple dobro (van spronssen) with a quarterman cone and bridge. I think they are both beautifull in their own way!

Rgds Jeroen Schmohl

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