Media exposure (the Great Reso Scam)

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I was wondering if anyone thought about getting the media involved with this. If Matt/Ray/Jason's picture was broadcast around the country, we'd find him in no time. This was a huge scam and I think an interesting story worthy of a made for tv movie or after school special from the point of view of his kids. You might even get someone like Johnnie Cochran or Robert Shapiro as a prosecution lawyer.

I have a mental image of Ray/Matt/Jason sitting in federal prison writing his autobiography. Maybe he could pay everybody back after it was published, he'd deinitely make a lot more off of the book than he did on the scam.





At the very least, someone could do a WANTED poster to put up in music stores and pawn shops. A downloadable poster with the perps' pic and a number to call with info.

Any graphically efficient folks out there?



Try Eric in California, Frankie. He's an expert at it.


"I've been everywhere, man!"

You know, if this does make it into the news, I think one of the most despicable points (which ought to be covered) is how he used the series of hard luck stories to gain sympathy, most especially the fictional death of his wife. I even sent him a message of sympathy because I lost my wife about five years ago, and I knew what (I believed) he was going through. Jerry and Jill even expressed their condolences, for crying out loud. Maybe it's because it actually did happen to me that it makes me so sick to see him exploit it. It reminds me of that story that was in the news a few weeks ago about the woman who conned everyone for two years by saying she was dying of cancer, when she wasnt sick at all....just especially despicable to prey on the desire that good-hearted people have to be empathetic, helpful, and kind.

Equally despicable is preying on our good nature in helping Uncle Josh with his calendar scheme.

Alerting the media is something I would not suggest. I may be a cynic when it comes to the media but they don't really care one bit about the victims. Let the authorities do their jobs, help them when they ask, push them when they lose interest and TAKE NOTES. If Monica's sister is posting a phone #, send it to the authorities. As exciting as "the chase" may seem, you may be doing more harm than good.

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The authorities can do their jobs, but if Matt/Ray/Jason is on his way to Canada and gets through the border, all their efforts won't matter. I just want to see this guy get caught. The people that care most about catching this guy are the ones that actually lost money and I'm not one of those people, but I feel betrayed by this guy nonetheless because I was a member of his website and trusted him. I was one of the first to join and remember being in the chatroom with him and Straycat. I thought he was on the up and up. I don't care if the authorities or the media care as long as their efforts are fruitful. the bottom line is that we want Matt/Ray/jason to be held responsible for what he has done to the reso community and if alerting the media will accomplish this goal, then I think it should be considered. I just think it's important to act fast before matt/ray/jason gets into Canada or Mexico..... seems like Mexico would be a better choice, it's right next to Texas.

I'm sure that running to Mexico is what "Matt" thinks will be expected of him, so he figures to run the other way. I wouldn't be so sure that getting into Canada will free him from arrest or prosecution. If the Canadian authorities are notified, and he is caught.. he can be extradited back to the USA. How much money has to be lost to be considered grand theft? Isn't that considered a felony? Pretty worthy of prosecution I think. I'm not sure alerting the media will do anything but reveal to "Matt" that we are on his trail hot and heavy and make him run farther and faster. Just my 2 cents.

This was posted on NW Bluegrass yahoo list this morning. This list has 600+ members in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and California, and a few scattered throughout the world. Tom put up his license picture, and a picture from a workshop.

--- In, "Matthew Snook"

> Here, unfortunately, is some reality bluegrass<

Matt then briefly described the problem -- a man from Texas scamming
lots of dobro players over the internet and through the mail by
means of a resonator guitar web site. He collects money or quality
instruments in advance and says he'll build them a resonator guitar.
He also organizes workshops using well known, trusted artists to
establish himself as genuine.

Well, he's collected thousands of dollars and lots of instruments
and now he's on the run.

But here's the point -- the latest news is that this morning,
according to Jimmy Heffernan, who was in contact with the crook's
mother, this guy may well be in Washington state trying to do his

He goes by the name of Ray or Matt or Jason (who knows what else)
and I've uploaded a single picture with two views of this guy.

You can find it in the photo section in the album named 11THIEF11.

Check it out and watch out. This dude has been doing this sort of
thing at least since the mid 90's.


I posted my thoughts about media coverage on the other website.



I was wondering if anyone thought about getting the media involved with this. If Matt/Ray/Jason's picture was broadcast around the country, we'd find him in no time.

I'm new here... and happy/honored to make this my very first post in these fora.

MediaPost's Email-Insider columnist Bill McCloskey has, this very day that I'm posting this, given this matter at least a little of the very thing you request: Media coverage.

See McCloskey's article here:

And an HTML/rich-text-formatted copy of said article arrived in the email inboxes of every MediaPost/Email-Insider subscriber around the world today. This site, you may notice, is linked-to in the article, as well.

I will tell you something about it, though: If your truly want to catch this knucklehead, you need to get his face on America's Most Wanted (AMW). It may be corny, but I tell you from personal experience that that show works. Sadly, I can also tell you from personal experience that you won't be able to interest the show in your case until and unless and law enforcement agency gets involved and requests AMW to do so. And if the guy isn't actually wanted -- i.e., if some kind of warrant hasn't actually been issued -- then AMW will balk even at a police department's request to feature the story on its program.

Somewhere out there, someone who's a bona fide victim needs to convert all the anger and teeth gnashing into the issuance of an actual arrest warrant. It can be from any law enforcement agency or prosecutor's office anywhere in the country -- from the smallest backwater to the largest city. But until this guy's in the national database of wanted persons -- even if it's only a material witness warrant -- AMW won't go near it.

So there's your challenge. Get this situation converted from a bunch of pissed-off people with sad stories of varying amounts of loss into a bona fide fraud or criminal conversion case with an actual warrant -- even if only a material witness warrant -- issued by someone in authority; then let me know and I may just know a producer or two at AMW who might want to take a look at the case.

Doesn't anyone who's been defrauded by this guy -- or anyone who at least knows someone who has -- know a high-ranking cop or district attorney/prosecutor somewhere in this huge country well enough to get a warrant issued? If the evidence is as it appears, and if a missing innocent might also be involved (as was alluded to in another thread, herein), then one would think that getting one or more warrants issued would be a breeze.

Just my $.02 worth... and, as my ex-wife will tell you, that that may very well be about all it's worth!


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