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First Ray/Matt/Jason, now somebody named Teresa, pleading for him to release the kids. What's next, a long, slow police chase involving a white Bronco? I can just see it now, as he's driving along at thirty mph, cop cars front and back, as he holds a banjo to his head and threatens to do himself an injury.....

I know a lot of people's oxen have been gored, and I don't mean to make light of that aspect, but could anybody really have believed a month ago that this freak show would have evolved so quickly? I won't be surprised if it gets picked up to be a soap opera, maybe "all my dobros", or "days of our resos".....anybody working on a screenplay for the pilot episode yet?



I'm working on it.


Derek H


"Simplicity don't need to be greased."- Billy Joe Shaver

My name is Teresa--Monica Roe's little sister. Shame on you for making light of our families nightmare that we are in. We had no clue up until about 3 or 4 days ago that any of this was going on. My parent's and I are suffering b/c we feel so hopeless. I understanding your feelings about Ray/Matt b/c I have seen all the info on Jerry Douglas site where we first began to realize what is going on. Yall are suppose to be a caring community so I thought. You are making jokes about a situation that involves innocent children ages 13, 12, and 2. Is there nothing sacred on this planet anymore? We are trying to get Raymond to turn himself in and the computer is our only link to him at this time. We are also hoping that maybe Brandon or Matthew will log on and maybe find our messages.If you have nothing other than jokes why don't you stay silent. I am at my wits end being on phone and computer waiting to hear something I don't need your stupid input on the situation. If you have something to say any of you bring it on. My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I have absolutely nothing to hide and I am not in kahoots with raymond boze---hell is not hot enough for him as far as I am concerned. I want to find my sister and her children and shame, shame, shame on you for thinking I am up to anything else but getting them away from Ray!!!!!!!@!!!!!


Thanks I needed that. All forgiven, I understand everyone's hurt and anger more than you know. Any info on how I might could locate Brandon or Matthew's email or sites they would be on (ages 12/13). Ray may be forbidding them to use computer to keep them from seeing this but if not how could I figure out how to locate them? email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Everybody hang in there and if you have not made your report to your nearest police department even if it's only $50.00 please do so now. The more money and more states involved the more interest for powers that be.


Yes, in Fort Worth and Oregon and they say they are not actually missing, and that they are hiding which is perfectly legal, can you believe? I have shared all info I have obtained about scam, false names, death of MOnica and all and they say there is nothing they can do b/c I have nothing that I can file on. That is why I have been so desperate for everyone to make reports to police because all I have had to say is not even enough for probable cause for them to locate them per atm /credit card use and send a real live policeman to where they are and make sure Monica and children are okay and question them. Therefore I am much disappointed in the good old USA at the moment. Hope very soon they will redeem themselves in my eyes.

Teresa, please check your private messages.

I was prevented from sending private message to you who apologized. Thanks much appreciated. All of you should think what it felt like to sit down in front of a computer ( a foreign thing to me) type in my sister's name and begin to read the long saga of Matt and Monica Roe and knowing we had no way of contact except to keep sitting in front of this computer waiting and watching for something from anyone. We have had no contact since Dec. 6 and we are very much frantic! This is not a soap opera. This is a real live nightmare that the Roe family is afraid that they will not wake up from for a very long time. I hope you all will pray for us as we are praying for you to have wisdom to know how best to bring Raymond to judgement. PS: I tried the site and left an email to that support site. Does anyone know if that is still considered Ray's site? Just wondering if it is if he got my email and praying and hoping for response. thanks again sir for apology and good night for now

you're welcome.


"I hope you all will pray for us"

I have and will. And I have no doubt others have as well.

Please keep us informed.

By the way, I find it bizarre that the police would turn a blind eye to this. Thats why I hope some of the people involved have gone beyond the local police and have contacted authorities higher up the chain then them.

People such as the F...B...I.



I still call it a Dobro...sue me!

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