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SEMPER FI, MikeList: I did attempt to "communicate" with a ResoNation member who posted a question to me re the "Matt Roe" scam...when I made an attempt to communicate (off line...private eMail as provided through ResoNation), I was pretty much (DANG :!: well) knocked out of the water ...I kinda/sorta thought this member would be open to the share of information...I thought WRONG...I was informed (quite strongly) that I could not recognise my a.. hole from a hole in the ground...Please, all interested parties, be notified and made the current inhabitor of a human body and as an RN, I thought I had the human anatomy figured least as it re to the proper location of my a.. hole... hey, I still feel comfortable with my initial assessment...(I've had a few years to look for it)... but some possibilities do exist that may be responsible for any abarent physiology...with that being taken into my opinion, (un-named ResoNation member)...your a... hole should be found/located somewhere between your brain and your computer's key board...respectfully, rez...
...She asked, "Well, what are you any good at?"...I answered, "Well, I'm not much good at anything except I'm - good at the dobro"...She thought I said, "DogRoll"...DANG!

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What'd he say???? :shock:

...please refer to you local library or your anatomy instructor...

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