Popping the screen hole covers

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I need to pop the screen hole covers on my Beard Vintage R (the battery for the pickup will need changing soon, and that's how you get to it).

The store told me, "It's easy, just use your fingernails", but it didn't seem easy when I tried it.

A technician friend in my home town said he uses a special tool, but adds that it's usually only necessary on the first few times, until the fit becomes more relaxed. (This will be the first time I do it).

Advice appreciated. Sorry if this has already been covered -- my search turned nothing up.




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Hi John -

I've heard that Dental Floss wrapped around the screen works well and is safer on the guitar's finish.



Thin blade of a feeler gauge then slide 2 lb. monofilament under that.


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Fingernails should usually do it, but if it is cold/dry in your area, and your reso is solid wood, there's the chance the wood has shrunk just a bit, but enough to make the screen tight, so be careful popping it...


Dental Floss worked for me but I did chip off a bit of finish. The screen hole frame covered up the defect.

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It should also probably mentioned that import reso screens are typically glued in. I think there were a few pickers among us with Regals etc. who tried the naked approach to screenholes (for more bass & volume etc.) and when they yanked out their screenhole covers, removed some finish as well. So beware when taking those puppies off. I don't recall anyone w/ a domestic reso having any problems, but you can't be too careful. YMMV.

SawStumbed: FYI...both were made in the good 'ol USA...one was a pretty expensive squareneck...my heart sunk with the wood and finish chipping...however, the screen hole frame covered all...it is only I that is aware of the flaw...(Darn it, though)...

I had the same experience when a technician went to remove one cover while doing a repair. It was on a Regal, and some of the finish came up with the cover because it was glued in.

Might it be a better idea to take the coverplate off and the cone out and go in that way, rather than risk a crack or big visible chip?

I have a Beard E maple and replaced the screens, and wanted to hear what the guitar would sound like without screens. I loved the sound without the screens. The sound was alot cleaner, but volume remained the same. I took my cover plate, tail piece and cone out and pushed my screens upward by reaching under the inside of the guitar. There was no glue at all, and the fit was tight, but the screens were easy to push out. I think I could have easily done it with dental floss, or monofilament fishing line.


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I have a 1979 OMI Dobro. My screen covers pop off easily. If you have soft fingernails, and are afraid of breaking them, a knife blade or feeler gauge and dental floss would work.

But I have popped mine off several times. I really did not notice that much difference in tone or volume.



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