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...Calling to all you dedecated members of the "WOLFE Pack"... please interject and provide your experience with and reguard to the new and innovative resonator guitar conceived by Bobby Wolfe (USA)...(designed and constructed by Bobby Wolfe, Davidson, NC) ... most definately constructed in the USA...bass and volume are presumed to be unsurpassed...is it true???





Proud member of the Wolfe-pack!

Yeesh, CHB. Can you cut back a bit on the jabbering???

BTW; I got to play one of the older Wolfe non-ported guitars last summer. What a cannon! I can't imagine how the ported units sound. So many dobros, so little time, money, etc., etc.

ST in VT

Just runnin out of different ways to say it, Stoney. I've put mine in the laps of 30some odd players from average to very good. I let them decide. The reactions have been: speechless, "I don't want to put it down", big grins, popping eyes and one guy actually lurched back in his chair. The most recent was a Scheerhorn owner and excellent dobro picker of 17 years. His take was: "Yup, Bobby's right up there with Tim and Paul, for sure."

Bobby doesn't get around the country as much as he used to. For our western and overseas brethern that have never come close to one, I offer this: Take a Clinesmith and start popping holes in it. It's roughly the same box so you MAY come close. Then again, there's the baffling and a half dozen other little tweeks. Oh well.

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