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Hello all. I have been goin' at the dobro for a little over a year now. I have two of them; one a Johnson (which has been hotrodded to include the usual Quartarman/14 spider/bone nut treatment) and the other a walnut McKenna (which can be seen on Gregg's website it's the one that's set up left-handed). Given all of that, I am seeking someone in the Fort Worth area that is willing to give me a few lessons. Reso players/teachers seem to be more scarce than hen's teeth in this part of the country.
I had signed up for one of Jim Heffernan's workshops back in September, but due to "unknown circumstances" we all know what came of that. Don't know how, but I managed to get a refund. Anyway, if anyone knows of an indiidual willing to teach dobro in the Fort Worth area, I would appreciate any info.





Hi Lefty. Maurice Anderson is a pedal steel instructor. I believe he lives in Keller. I know that he also plays Dobro. I don't know him personally, or if he will give lessons on Dobro. Maybe he could recommend someone. His website is
If you need more help, let me know. I will ask my instructor if he knows of anyone in your area.

Hey Lefty, looks like we are in the same boat. I live in Fort Worth and can't anybody who teaches the dobro

Hi all,

I saw in another thread on this forum where Jimmy Heffernan is offering workshops again. Sure would like to do one, but it will have to be within a reasonable distance for me to justify going.

I have taken a few lessons from a pedal steel player in Fort Worth and he has helped me quite a bit. His name is Steve Lamb. He is a heck of a nice guy, but his area of expertise is pedal steel, not resonator guitar. Who is your instructor? Matt Roe (or what's his name) told me there was a fellow in the area by the last name McBride but I can't recall his first name. Has anyone here heard of him?


yes I have. Dennis McBride. He's a really great player and composer (he sent me a copy of some stuff he's done and let me tell you it's wonderful stuff) and a really nice guy. I got to know him a little as we were both to be "assistant instructors" at the non-existent FW event.

I don't know if he teaches. If not he should. I have his contact info. Send me a private message and I'll forward info to him.

Thanks KBar. I have sent you a PM.


Hi David. My instructor is Charlie Norris. He taught steel, dobro, banjo, and guitar. He retired in Nov and sold his store. He only kept a few students. I'm just glad I was one of them. Most of the steel players I know own and play the dobro in all styles of music. I understand what you are saying though. Finding one who will teach you what you want to know is the hard part. You just have to do a lot of asking around. I'll will ask Charlie if he knows of anyone who can help you out. I'm assuming your interest is in Bluegrass?

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