Soundwell Modification


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Yes I went back to the stock tailpiece.  But that was because it was a loaner Allen TP that was sent across the country for folks to evaluate.  It is a fine piece of engineering, beautiful, and solid.  For my instrument and my playing, the edge went to the stock tailpiece about 51.7% estimated.

So, what if someone tools up a solid brass tailpiece, like the Allen, but with the same length??

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That's interesting, the 48.3% rating on the Allen tailpiece. Wink

And a ballpark +/- factor of about 10%, I think that's why I have avoided ever buying one over the years. 

They look great, but at ballpark $85 plus tax (being that I'm in Calif. as is Allen) and shipping it's pushing a C-Note.

To go for a boutique aftermarket part like that, I'm of the mind it ahs to be in the 80% + range.

Did you ever comment to Randy Allen that from an engineer's standpoint you would prefer a different length? 

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