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not much going on in this section lately so i thought i'd ask this question. we all love jerryD, mikeA, robI, joshG, and tutT. that's a given. how about some of your other favorite lap slide CDs? any style, any era, but with some lap-style content and not the same old stuff. i wanna hear about some stuff i've never heard of! i'll start with a few...

Strang- Zubot&Dawson
Steve Dawson is a great young Canadian player, influenced, I'd say, by cooder, jerry, lindley but with a good compositional sense and sweet tone.

Dobro- Frankie Lane
a Celtic player. i've got one CD by him on which he plays a variety of music, heavy on irish/celtic stuff, some hawaiian and a nocturne by Chopin. His tone's a little thin but interesting material and thoughtful playing.

Resophonic Rodeo- Gary Morse
Super western swing on a 7 string Beard. Pretty much all standard material but a fine back-up band and very smooth playing by Morse. He also plays steel (w/Dwight Yoakam).

Wolf Tracks- Tom Morrel
Morrel is mainly known as a non-pedal steel player but he plays the best dobro on jazz standards that i've heard. He really uses jazz phrasing and scales, very creative and gets at lines that are hard to squeeze out of the limitations of a G major tuning. You have to buy a lot of his CDs to get all his dobro cuts as he generally only puts one or two on per disc. This one has only one, Sweet Lorraine, but it's awesome. I also love his version of Surrey with the Fringe on Top. I wish he'd collect the dobro cuts onto one CD, but it's so good I still get every one of his discs I see.

what have you got?


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