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I have the Rob Ickes two-DVD set, and I've learned a lot from it.

But there things I'm still looking for more info on.

Specifically, Rob approaches soloing from a scale-based point of view. While this is informative and obviously works well, I have been learning by ear from records, and tend to think in terms of licks and runs when I solo.

I would like to find instructional materials (books, videos, DVDs, etc.) that focus on a repertoire of licks and runs.

All suggestions are appreciated.



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John -

You may want to check out "The Dobro Workbook" by David Hamburger. It's an excellent study guide for licks, techniques, and improvisation.

I wrote a review on this book awhile back - it's in the "Music Theory & Practice Methods" section of this forum. There's additional information about this book there. Best of luck!



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You could try Jim Heffernans "100 licks" I'm working my way through them now lots of good stuff so far. I'm impressed anyway's.

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Michael Witcher's book and CD. Get you up and running in no time.


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I just got Witcher's book today and thumbing through it noticed that on the subject of rolls (page 5) he has 9 quarter notes per measure (track 20 & 24). On the CD they are the same meter and yes have 9 notes played through once.

The tracks that are 1/8 notes have 8 notes and the CD plays through the measure twice.

That I get, but why 9 notes in a mesure for 1/4 notes. Perhaps he is not indicating a measure but merly a pattern to practice. But if so you've still got 2 measures plus one note. Someone once told me it was good policy to practice your rolls in 2 measure patterns. Can anyone help me with this.

Guess I better get back on my medication.


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...I assume that the groups of nine notes are practice arpeggios and aren't necessarily meant to be counted out in time, that is, they won't conform to measures. Typically a roll will be eight eighth notes or some other measure-filling combination

See Ivan's stuff on rolls posted somewhere on this site. BTW, the instructional mat'l that he gave out at our workshop was great; don't know if he has it available somewhere.

I have been using Stacy Phillips books and CDs as well as Dan Huckabees' books and CDs on Josh Graves. I am a huge Graves/Auldridge/LeRoy Mack fan and I have found this material to be reaaly good.

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I've got the Mike Auldridge basic video and I think its excellent. I'm a guitar player already so I pick up what he is teaching pretty quickly. It's a little pricey but worth it IMHO.


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