Phil Ledbetter Dobro - Quality Stinks!!

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Ordered it, got it in, sent it back quick. I'm extremely dissapointed about the quality. The following is provided

Looks Great

Sounds Moderately Good, didn't sound any better than anything I've played that had a quality cone, spider, bridge and nut.


1. Factory Installed Fishman (Passive) pickup - Didn't work!
2. Screw loose in tail piece
3. Screen was laying in the case and when I put it back in the hole there was no resistance what so ever, if you turn the guitar over, the screen falls out!
4. Spider ends were uneven, one was twisted and none were dressed. This is of the three I could see through the cover plate. The bottom leg was just barely on the cone edge and the top leg was over the edge ~ 3/8".
5. Advertised Deluxe Hard Case is the exact save travelite case you can buy from any music warehouse for about $60.00. Nowhere else is it described as a Deluxe Travel Lite Hard Case.

Only had it out of the box for about 20 minutes, packed it back up, got a RA from Musicians Friend who was very accomodating and then order the Wechter Rob Ickes Model from a different dealer (Janet Davis). I will not consider another Gibson Dobro, I guess I'll just be a Resophonic Picker instead of a Dobro Picker. When Gibson bought OMI, they should have bought the QA department as well apparently an oversight on their part. I'm surprised that Phil Ledbetter allowed Gibson to use his name and endorse this product. I'll bet the one they gave him didn't have these flaws.


IFKAD Pickin' Dude


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