ResoSummit highlights & thanks

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Hard to believe that ResoSummit 2012 is over.

Highights for me:
All the Station Inn shows -- I'm still hopeful that 100% of my hearing will return from that killer show by Randy Kohrs, Jack Pearson & Friends. Randy was definitely on fire, and it's always great to see/hear Josh Shilling on keys & vocals. Jack Pearson was unbelievable. Monroeville was high-octane bluegrass, and it was great to present them in their Station Inn debut. And as for that performance by Rob Ickes and Jim Hurst -- well, there are no words in the English language adequate to describe that phenomenal performance.

The closing faculty performance -- loved it all, and it was a beautiful thing to have Michael Witcher's gorgeous take on Roxanna Waltz as the last song of ResoSummit 2012.

Some great new workshops this year, including Mike's Duane Allman workshop; and it's really insightful to hear Rob's take on Mike Auldridge. Monroeville's workshop where they arranged two new songs on the spot was a cool thing, too. Of course, I'm reporting on all of these by hearsay, but even so...

The great "critical mass" of younger players who came this year. Our instrument is safe for at least another generation!

The great mix of ResoSummit "veterans" and new people. What a great vibe that produced!

All the faculty were really TERRIFIC: special thanks to those of you who are part of the Reso-Nation community: Greg Booth, Jimmy Heffernan, Orville Johnson, Randy Kohrs, Michael Witcher.

Super thanks to everyone who came and brought such creativity and good will to ResoSummit 2012. You are the BEST!



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