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I posted this on steel guitar forum, and on resohangout.  I think many of you have seen Rob & Trey, but I hadn't until Friday nite.  My review (admittedly maybe a little over the top, but jeez-louise, it WAS amazing). . . . .


*Finally!* got to see Rob & Trey (Rob Ickes--Trey Hensley) play at the Rialto Theater in Bozeman, MT Friday nite.
Absolutely amazing. I've been to many of Rob's shows over the years with BH, and other special performances, but the "Rob &Trey Experience" has been eluding me with work & life conflicts----so finally! And here is my review:
"Holy Scorched Earth!"
To quote Tony Polecastro who put on the concert, and introduced them to the audience: "I was just in the green room listening to Rob & Trey warm up, and they peeled the skin off of my face."

The concert was "The acoustic guitar challenge" symposium put on by Tony Polecastro. Rob & Trey wrapped it up with their performance, a wonderful and mind blowing mix of country, blues, rock, Bluegrass, and jazz. The Scofield number and Dead tunes were my favorites, but that's just my rut--all were great, and surprise, Rob sings a lot.

I have to say that I personally prefer the tunes on their new album "Country Blues" played live by just the two of them, sans drums and bass and other guests, that play on the album. Their two instrument live syncopation and energy is just jaw-dropping.
The audience was 98% players, so it was especially fun to watch everybody listen and cheer and shake their heads with "what planet are these guys from" disbelief.
Check out their schedule at:
Go see them.


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