Using Fishman Aura on a lapsteel..?

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Hey everybody,

When thinking about amplifying my Wolfe with a Fishman Aura and having the accompanying pickup installed, my friend DobroJan told me about some experiences from others regarding the loss of volume and/or tone after such an installation when not playing amplified. Besides this, I heard it being said that you do not really hear your own dobro through the speakers when playing over a Fishman Aura pedal, but you'll be hearing one of the images available instead put over the sound of your dobro.

Since I like the idea of letting an acoustic instrument stay true to its very nature, that is, completely acoustic without pickups and such installed, I was wondering though what the Fishman Aura pedal would do for a very warm and acoustic sounding lapsteel..?
I've heard pedal-steelers use an effect that gives them a dobro-like sound, just like the Pedabro, but those remain pedal steels as far as the 'sounds' so to speak they produce are concerned. A lapsteel comes closer already to the playing style of that on a dobro... Is 1 + 1 indeed 2 here, could a very good and acoustic sounding lapsteel be played over the Fishman Aura pedal and will you get a very nice and very much dobro-like sound..?

Just a wild thought I just had, but I'm curious about the answers or experiences nevertheless...

Thanks in advances for your replies!

Cheers, TripleD

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