Weekend with Mike

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Mike was filming demos for his series of videos.  This is what he had to work with, though not all wound up being filmed.  Just a cellphone picture.  It's amazing how much work goes into just getting the recording done, with multiple takes and the glam shots.  And I can scarcely imagine what the editing and mixing task must be like.  But it was a fun weekend at Jon Grier's house.  My guitars except as noted below.

Front row: Jon's Walnut Schoonover, Beard MAS, Rosewood-spruce Schoonover, prewar Dobro (owned by a woman named Pat, if I recall), Koa Fishook, Guernsey Jumbo (800), Mike's Koa Clinesmith.

On stands:  Left - Scheerhorn Koa (wavy gravy), Mike's R Scheerhorn.  Right - Koa Asher Weissie, Jon's Koa Iseman.

On couch:  Quilted Maple Meredith, Quilted Maple B&B, Mesquite DeNeve D body, Wechter-Scheerhorn Mahogany.




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