Rayco Video Review in Acoustic Guitar Magazine

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Now here is a rare bird: a review of a lap style resoophonic guitar in Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

I am a long time subscriber and I can't remember the last time they reviewed a dobro.  There have been a lot of changes with the mag in recent years and not everyone approves.  I have known several folks associated with the publication as they have been headquarted for years not far from me, some no longer with the organization, but I still enjoy the magazine.

Below is a video they shot of this beautiful Rayco being played, and the article is available for reading on the website. This is in the September 2016 issue, I have yet to receive my copy in the mail but it should arrive any time.

I wsh I had seen this video prior to last Friday evening. The guy playing the guitar is James DePrato, multi-instrumentalist and one of his main gigs is electric guitar and occasional lap steel with long time Bay Area rocker Chuck Prophet. They played a local outdoor show last Friday and for awhile I was standing five feet in front of him. 

What I would have said is, "cool that you did a review of that Rayco for the magazine but dude - where were your picks?"


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