Measuring for a Schoonover Modular Spider w/Fishman Nashville Pickup

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I also posted this on Resohangout, but I am including it here as well since not everyone frequents both sites.  

I am embarking on a road trip up to Portland, Oregon next week for a big trade show in my line of work, the nursery industry.

On the way up I am going to pay a visit to Todd Clinesmith who is  located a few hours south of Portland. Along with checking out a new design of an 8 string non-pedal steel  that is in the works of which I will likely be one of the first owners  (different than his Bigsby replica steels) I am going to drop off my 2004 Clinesmith resonator to have Todd go through it to make sure everything is up to snuff and he will be installing a Schoonover modular spider with the Fishman Nashville pickup. 

Kent Schoonover emailed me yesterday that he is in New Mexico and will be back to his place in Oklahoma this weekend, but in the meantime he gave me the brief email rap about removing the spider from the guitar, place it on a flat surface, and measure the height to the top of the current insert so that he can duplicate it, then he will send it to Todd's place so that it will be there when I arrive later next week.  He wrote that if I contacted Todd first that he might be able to give me the measurement if I don't feel like doing it myself.

I don't particularly feel like doing it myself if I don't have to, so I contacted Todd this morning to see if he could give me the answer, but since this guitar was built in 2004 he no longer has that measurement and he changed his tops slightly several years later. Now his tops are slightly thicker, so one can't base the insert height on my 2004 guitar as compared what he is doing currently.

Unlike some of you folks, I'm not a big tinkerer - I'm more from the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" school. So when it comes to important precise measurements on something I'm doing for the first time in my life I can get a little nervous. 

Those of you that have gone the Schoonover modular spider route and had to do the measurement for Kent, is there anything I should be aware of that will help make the whole deal go smoothly?

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